Peaceful ViZion Canvas Project

The Peaceful ViZion Canvas Project was developed to create a visual impact of the Greater Philadelphia community creatively working together for peace & nonviolence and honor victims of violence.  Each part of the project represents a different aspect of Peaceful ViZion. 

peaceful vizion canvas project concept - tremundo

Tree Leaves: painted by community members who seek peace and nonviolence in society.

Tree & Bark: names of various victim, community and social organizations.

Grass: blades of grass have names of a victim of crime.

Fallen Leaves: contain names of homicide victims. Leaves are hand sewn to canvases.

peaceful vizion canvas project completed and on display - tremundo


Peaceful ViZion Project designed with 30 canvases. Finished display measures approximately 7' x 10'.

Project chronicles the first name (only), age, and neighborhood of those who participated and persons being honored on the painted leaves. Information compiled represents the diversity of those who desire peace and nonviolence in the Greater Philadelphia region.  Hundreds of people in the Greater Philadelphia Region participated in the project.  

Peaceful ViZion Canvas Project has been displayed for several Greater Philadelphia Region and Pennsylvania events. Also a part of National Crime Victim Rights Week events including PA State Capital in Harrisburg, Exhibit/Event honoring homicide victims at Philadelphia Art Museum and Martha Washington Building in Valley Forge. Exhibited as part of the Social Consciousness Exhibit at the Cheltenham Art Center.