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trains, planes, automobiles October 30 2018

Wherever you go, however you get there, enjoy the ride, create memories and explore! Where do you want to go?

distressed explorer journal October 08 2018

Explorer Journal in distressed faux leather - limited quantities available.  Hand bound, faux leather travel journal with random world atlas maps and 70lb paper.  Ready for your next adventure!

journaling health benefits September 05 2018

Creative habits and better health as discussed on Health Fitness Revolution

choosing the right journal July 15 2018

Travel Journal: Choosing the Right One for You & Your Kids -
thank you for including an Explorer Travel Journal

Explorer Travel Journal by tremundo

40 Summer Journaling Prompts July 01 2018

40 Summer Journaling Prompts that Will Take Your Mind Off Things
Fantastic article for refocusing this summer and 40 day guide for journaling!

original goods June 27 2018

We got the goods!  From creative designs inspired by nature is a collection of journals  and an expanded product line of accessories, adornment, home decor and pet goods in the Goods Collection!

weekend warrior June 16 2018

Are you a weekend warrrior?  Some of the best weekends are those unplanned - getting in the car, truck, rv and just going for the ultimate road trip.  No matter how far it's fun to visit new parks and discover hidden places.  Road Trip Journal for all your big and little adventures.

it's yours June 06 2018

seeing red June 05 2018

Back in stock: red Bucket List and Explorer Journals
bucket list journal

adventure June 01 2018

journaling May 27 2018

Writing in a journal is good for you—and so is throwing it out

new new new May 21 2018

new journals and new collections- nature and vintage inspired journals added in two different sizes in the Nature and Vintage Inspire Journal Collections.

actions May 16 2018

What is your story?

perspective April 18 2018

mother's day gift ideas April 14 2018

Collection of journals for moms and and grandmom journals by tremundo

downtime April 11 2018

simple reminder we all need downtime

new journal designs April 09 2018

recently added new journal designs just in time for moms, dads, grads and travels.

only plateaus March 28 2018

art journals March 26 2018

a few art journals are left and at a reduced price...

new additions March 23 2018

new pendant designs for new moms and Mother's Day

be extraordinary March 21 2018

follow your passion March 14 2018

life is an adventure March 07 2018

adventure time March 02 2018