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for writers April 22 2020

Self-Care through Journal Writing - a nice post for writers, thank you for including a Tremundo Journal

gift cards March 30 2020

Thank you for your continued support of small businesses. Now offering gift cards of various amounts on Tremundo.

~standing tall~ February 26 2020

Looking at life in our own view is the gift of being an individual. Perspectives vary on what inspires each of us into becoming a part of our story. Today, a piece of the past standing tall - a reminder of the past to inspire today making a difference for tomorrows.

tools of the trade February 05 2020

A few tools of the trade plus a glimpse of one of
the new designs in new size . #handmade #artisan

~ fences ~ January 14 2020

sand dune fences - tremundo

Life is often spent in a comfort zone - a sort of safety fence of the mind that can either hold you in or set you free.

I had every intention of starting off the year with a different perspective, more connected, and well, life happens.  Instead I found myself on a beach, digging my toes in the sand, wondering what I was doing and having a somewhat dread of the new year. The dread led to my mind fencing in fear and anxiety.  In a matter of ten days and over 2200 miles of solo road tripping, the year began with anxiety, sadness, joy, unconditional love and the best laughter that guided me to what needed to be done.

I went through the fence.
I dug my toes in the sand, again.
I embraced every emotion,
exhaled, shared it with the wind.  

Spending time outdoors over the years has created a series of events, an internal awakening where pieces of the puzzle come together and breathe new life.  An unsettled freedom that continues to find comfort in nature and restore the soul. Corny, right?  Nope, sometimes life is as simple as being outdoors so you can exhale, release and feel alive.  It’s timing, like the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, well nature is my teacher.

It’s a journey, an ever evolving process and cycle that can repeat on different levels when least expected.  Grateful to those who coaxed me from the other side of the fence, embracing my quirky, nature loving, creatively dysFUNctional mind.  My journey combines my love of art and nature, creating a life that’s true to me, hopefully inspiring others. The fences serving as reminders that I can either be still or be free to greater possibilities.

winter break December 30 2019

Happy New Year!!  Tremundo is on winter break thru 01/11/20, shipping resumes 1/13/20.

new products September 03 2019

New wood top wall tapestries added to Tremundo.  Tapestries feature original and vintage art.  Affordable and attractive way to art to your home.
wood top wall hanging by tremundo

sneak peek August 13 2019

new art and journals inspired by nature - coming soon to Tremundo

movement July 07 2019

the ebb and flow -
finding solace in creating new work.

summer solstice June 21 2019

Summer,  Summertime...
time for hiking, kayaking, wandering & extra time in the water!

April showers bring May flowers April 29 2019

and Mother's Day too.  New collection of vintage floral design journals featuring the works of William Morris.
william morris design journals

moms, dads, grads & retirement too April 08 2019

3 Day 30% off sale sitewide - code April30 - thru 04/10/19

spring is in the air March 11 2019

Clocks set forward, warm air and flowers a bloom.  Floral collection of refillable journals continues to grow!

common question February 28 2019

Often asked if Tremundo offers refillable journals. The typeof journal that can be refilled with popular brand notebook inserts.  The answer is now YES, yes we do carry refillable journals.  Covers feature a variety of original, vintage and collage design covers. Journals continue to be handcrafted in the USA, using sustainable, eco friendly supplies and are vegan friendly.  View the new collection at Refillable Journals.

limited edition February 23 2019

New hand appliqued limited edition journal designs
Each journal handcrafted and one of a kind.

a-ha moments February 17 2019

a-ha moments by tremundo

Eureka effect. Epiphany.

Omg it all makes sense moments ... also known as A-ha moments. Bringing insight, new perspective and unexpected answers where "it" stops you in your tracks and "it" makes sense.

Those are the moments.
Listen to those moments.
Celebrate those moments.
Adjust life accordingly.

eco friendly journals January 19 2019

Cork Journals are now a part of the Tremundo product line.  Made from environmental friendly cork fabric in various colors and patterns are Cork Journals.  As with all Tremundo journals, journals are handcrafted and bound by hand with 60lb paper.

What's your favorite? January 13 2019

Beautiful writing and photography by Candice Baker, Photographer and her favorite travel journal: Tremundo True North Travel Journal. Photo credit: Candice Baker, Photographer

Invest in yourself... January 09 2019

tremundo journal prompt investing in self
Journal prompt: Invest in yourself.  Be the best you, you can possibly be. ~unknown.

It's the New Year and along with the festivities is the bombardment of guidance on how to make 2019 the best year possible. The guidance is often well intended it's also a broad message as we all process goals, experiences and life differently. Sometimes it's easier to focus on making each day the best possible while taking steps towards bigger goals. After all the concept of “best” varies from day to day.

One way to simplify the process is to invest in yourself, taking 10, 15, 20 minutes out of the day and write it out.  Write about ideas, goals, reflections or whatever happens to cross your mind.   Productivity varies as for some early morning works while for other it's easier to reflect at the end of the day or prepare for the next day.  Whatever method works best for you, remind yourself each step is an investment into a better you.  There's only one you so find the process that works best for you, apply it and make each day the best you.



trains, planes, automobiles October 30 2018

Wherever you go, however you get there, enjoy the ride, create memories and explore! Where do you want to go?

distressed explorer journal October 08 2018

Explorer Journal in distressed faux leather - limited quantities available.  Hand bound, faux leather travel journal with random world atlas maps and 70lb paper.  Ready for your next adventure!

journaling health benefits September 05 2018

Creative habits and better health as discussed on Health Fitness Revolution

choosing the right journal July 15 2018

Travel Journal: Choosing the Right One for You & Your Kids -
thank you for including an Explorer Travel Journal

Explorer Travel Journal by tremundo

40 Summer Journaling Prompts July 01 2018

40 Summer Journaling Prompts that Will Take Your Mind Off Things
Fantastic article for refocusing this summer and 40 day guide for journaling!