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new new new May 21 2018

new journals and new collections- nature and vintage inspired journals added in two different sizes in the Nature and Vintage Inspire Journal Collections.

actions May 16 2018

What is your story?

perspective April 18 2018

mother's day gift ideas April 14 2018

Collection of journals for moms and and grandmom journals by tremundo

downtime April 11 2018

simple reminder we all need downtime

new journal designs April 09 2018

recently added new journal designs just in time for moms, dads, grads and travels.

only plateaus March 28 2018

art journals March 26 2018

a few art journals are left and at a reduced price...

new additions March 23 2018

new pendant designs for new moms and Mother's Day

be extraordinary March 21 2018

follow your passion March 14 2018

life is an adventure March 07 2018

adventure time March 02 2018

create yourself February 28 2018

passion. purpose. direction. February 27 2018

  discover your True North

live life February 21 2018

love your life February 14 2018

wearable art February 05 2018

Original art making a statement on vintage style necklaces.

steps January 31 2018

steps and tools to move forward. 
What inspires you?

persistence January 24 2018

Guidance along the path.  Words, colors, objects, shapes and the different tools used in the everyday and visual journey. There is so much to express and to never give up in pursuing all that life holds.

truth January 17 2018

The everyday, the mundane, the moving forward in predicted directions.  The feeling of change that is emerging from within. An opening of truth, identity and life that leads one to live more in alignment with their own truth.  Expand. Grow. Live. Love.  Write it down, rejoice in change and experience dreams unfold.

Happy New Year! January 01 2018

New year, new chapter...what's your story?
tremundo 2018 happy new year

Where... November 10 2017

will the sunshine find you this weekend?  Explorer Journal for all your travels, near and far.Explorer Travel Journal by tremundo

Top 101 Unique Gift Ideas For Travelers November 06 2017

thank you to Two Wandering Soles for including an Explorer Journal as a Keepsakes for the Traveler gift!