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~standing tall~ February 26 2020

Looking at life in our own view is the gift of being an individual. Perspectives vary on what inspires each of us into becoming a part of our story. Today, a piece of the past standing tall - a reminder of the past to inspire today making a difference for tomorrows.

Invest in yourself... January 09 2019

tremundo journal prompt investing in self
Journal prompt: Invest in yourself.  Be the best you, you can possibly be. ~unknown.

It's the New Year and along with the festivities is the bombardment of guidance on how to make 2019 the best year possible. The guidance is often well intended it's also a broad message as we all process goals, experiences and life differently. Sometimes it's easier to focus on making each day the best possible while taking steps towards bigger goals. After all the concept of “best” varies from day to day.

One way to simplify the process is to invest in yourself, taking 10, 15, 20 minutes out of the day and write it out.  Write about ideas, goals, reflections or whatever happens to cross your mind.   Productivity varies as for some early morning works while for other it's easier to reflect at the end of the day or prepare for the next day.  Whatever method works best for you, remind yourself each step is an investment into a better you.  There's only one you so find the process that works best for you, apply it and make each day the best you.