~ fences ~ January 14 2020

sand dune fences - tremundo

Life is often spent in a comfort zone - a sort of safety fence of the mind that can either hold you in or set you free.

I had every intention of starting off the year with a different perspective, more connected, and well, life happens.  Instead I found myself on a beach, digging my toes in the sand, wondering what I was doing and having a somewhat dread of the new year. The dread led to my mind fencing in fear and anxiety.  In a matter of ten days and over 2200 miles of solo road tripping, the year began with anxiety, sadness, joy, unconditional love and the best laughter that guided me to what needed to be done.

I went through the fence.
I dug my toes in the sand, again.
I embraced every emotion,
exhaled, shared it with the wind.  

Spending time outdoors over the years has created a series of events, an internal awakening where pieces of the puzzle come together and breathe new life.  An unsettled freedom that continues to find comfort in nature and restore the soul. Corny, right?  Nope, sometimes life is as simple as being outdoors so you can exhale, release and feel alive.  It’s timing, like the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, well nature is my teacher.

It’s a journey, an ever evolving process and cycle that can repeat on different levels when least expected.  Grateful to those who coaxed me from the other side of the fence, embracing my quirky, nature loving, creatively dysFUNctional mind.  My journey combines my love of art and nature, creating a life that’s true to me, hopefully inspiring others. The fences serving as reminders that I can either be still or be free to greater possibilities.